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Perth's Best Coffee

With so many great cafes located in Perth, it can be hard to tell the good coffee apart from the not-so-good coffee. But there are some coffee bars that are simply outstanding, offer fresh and delicious brews and make you feel like you’re getting your money's worth.

We've gathered up our top seven favorite cafes that serve up a tasty cup of coffee any time of the day, by any barista. And since coffee averages about $4 a cup in the Perth area, you certainly want to get coffee that you will enjoy. Fortunately, the Perth coffee market is strong no matter where you get your daily brew from, but these seven deserve some recognition:

Low Down Espresso Bar

Owned by two guys, the Low Down Espresso Bar is all about a laid back, casual setting that serves up great brews of coffee. Each cup comes with a small chocolate button and hints of chocolate notes are tasted in their brews. The coffee is rich, intense and bold, and coffee lovers appreciate that the espresso bar is basically dedicated to serving coffee instead of expanding on their menu. Although some sandwiches, muffins and cakes are available, Low Down Espresso puts their attention toward making great coffee. The location is rather small and does get crowded in the mornings before people head to work, so be sure to leave yourself some time when heading here for a cup of joe.

Ristretto Espresso

When you're looking for great Coffee of the Day selections, as well as full-flavoured blends that are boosting with intense notes, Ristretto Espresso is the perfect place. The coffee bar is set up espresso-style and offers coffee selections on-the-go, with friendly staff and plenty of smiles. Customers love that you can walk right up to the espresso bar and get a great cup of hot coffee in a short amount of time. Plus, the small, quaint coffee bar assures customers that it's coffee that Ristretto puts their focus into, instead of adding a menu to their services. Besides cups of coffee, you can also enjoy lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. And locals can't get enough of the friendly staff who is always willing to indulge in some "coffee talk."

Velvet Espresso

Velvet Espresso has a little something for everyone. With a simple yet satisfying menu, you can enjoy a variety of breakfast and lunch items with your coffee. But it is those delicious cups of coffee that everyone flocks in for, no matter what time of the day it is. The notes are a bit more subtle than other coffees, making this a selection that pleases a variety of tastes. More importantly is the presentation that everyone loves, as the coffee is served up in cute and colourful mugs that you can sip on while sitting on the patio. The café bar is small and quaint, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly baristas. Located in the CBD, this is a popular place for working professionals to stop in during the day and get their caffeine fix.


Cimbalino is known for being passionate about their coffee selections and this devotion certainly pays off. The coffee is smooth and strong, and the menu offers a tasteful blend of macaroons and cakes that taste great on the side. If you want to take advantage of something outside of coffee, Cimbalino serves espressos, macchiatos or lattes that are all equally brilliant and served up right every time. Or, be sure to try a cimba, which is Cimbalino's in-house specialty. With a cosy seating arrangement that encourages people to stay awhile, you can enjoy your cup of coffee without feeling rushed. Fortunately, you won't have to wait for your coffee, as Cimbalino aims for quick and delicious brewing techniques. Just be sure to bring your wallet with, as the prices aren't listed and run about $4.50 for a cup of coffee.

Epic Espresso

Nestled in the corner of Outram Street and Hay Street in West Perth, Epic Espresso is known for their sweet and delectable brews of coffee. Epic Espresso roasts their own coffee beans and offers a variety of classes for those who want to learn how to be a barista. The coffee is always the same consistency and quality, no matter which barista serves it up. There are lots of rich, chocolate tastes within the coffee itself, making these brews perfect for those with a sweet tooth. And while Epic Espresso can get busy with lots of coffee drinkers rushing in and out, many choose to stay and relax within the café. The coffee selections do not come cheap however, but are certainly a treat you deserve!

Secret Garden Café

This little café is known for their breakfast menu that includes many delicious foods and a great cup of java. Although it looks like an ordinary place on the outside, the service, atmosphere and coffee selections are superb. There is a cosy garden patio around back that is perfect for relaxing and sipping on a hot cup of coffee, which locals agree is definitely served hot. The coffee is rather creamy in texture, as well as some of the other coffee drinks that come with a frothy cream on top. The Secret Garden is the perfect place to come for coffee when you're looking to have a sit-down meal or relax in the back garden. It's a bit different than the hustle and bustle of busy espresso bars, but perhaps that's what makes this café so enjoyable for coffee lovers.

Infinity Café

Located in East Perth, Infinity Café delivers when it comes to coffee. Instead of being a coffee bar, they are a small café that offers an assortment of breakfast foods in decent portion sizes. Presentation is definitely a strength of Infinity Café, as the dishes come beautifully arranged with garnishing and sauces. People come from blocks away to get their hands on a cup of coffee from Infinity Café, which is consistently delicious and a high point of everyone's trip to the café. There is much variety that the café offers, including soy lattes, flat whites and café lattes. While you can get your coffee on-the-go as many coffee lovers do, the atmosphere is laidback and casual, making it the perfect place to stay and relax.